Thursday, June 11, 2015

Best Baby Colic Remedies

Trying to pacify a baby that’s crying its heart out in the middle of the night is one of the most difficult tasks for every parent. You’re exhausted, you need some sleep and you worry that your little one is experiencing intense discomfort. Yes, this is what baby colic pain will cause numerous times. Finding an effective remedy is going to be essential for your little one’s happiness.

Medics still don’t know an awful lot about baby colic, which is why an effective remedy for the problem is yet to be discovered. Many parents, however, have discovered a viable solution through trial and error.

Looking for effective baby colic remedies? The following article will acquaint you with some tested options that deliver excellent results in the vast majority of colic cases.

Tummy Time

For many babies, a change in position can provide significant relief from colic. Let your little one have its tummy time. Chances are that the pain and discomfort will subside.

You can put the baby on its tummy across your lap. This is great, since you get to rub the little one’s back, providing additional comfort. In addition, a gentle back massage can make it easier for the baby to pass gas.

Tummy time is acceptable solely under parental supervision. You should never try the technique while the baby is asleep.

Hold Your Baby Upright

Keeping the baby in an upright position is another option that could provide relief from colic pain.

Pause while you’re feeding the child and put it in the upright position to encourage burping. If possible, try to give your baby several smaller meals rather than a large one. A few studies suggest that a bigger number of smaller meals throughout the day can reduce the risk of colic significantly.

Change Your Diet

If you are breastfeeding your child, you should consider a change in diet. The foods that you consume affect the quality of the milk and could play a role in the baby’s tummy problems.

Colicky symptoms may be caused by foods that the baby is sensitive to. If you have a family history of allergy, you’ll need to eliminate some of the most common allergens from your meal plan. Dairy products, nuts, soy, strawberries and tomatoes are the frequent culprits. Try eliminating those from your diet to figure out whether the intensity of the symptoms in your baby is going to decrease.

Buy an Anti-Colic Bottle

Are you using a bottle to feed your baby? If so, you may want to consider the purchase of the specialized anti-colic variety of products.

Anti-colic bottles have an internal vent. This vent eliminates the air bubbles that form inside the formula. As a result, the baby will burp less frequently and the colic symptoms may also decrease.

There are different brands of anti-colic bottles on the market. Do a bit of research and read reviews written by other moms to identify the products that are efficient and could produce an actual reduction in tummy discomfort.

Give Your Little One a Warm Bath

A warm bath has long been used as an excellent possibility for reducing the symptoms of digestive discomfort. Today, it still happens to be one of the most popular baby colic remedies.

There are special tummy tubs for newborns. These keep the babies in an optimal position that stimulates burping. In addition, the tub is designed in a way that keeps the baby’s skin covered with warm water at all times.

Finding the best baby colic remedies will require time and patience on your behalf. The option that works for one child may not be as efficient for your baby. Experiment with a few techniques and products. Sooner or later, you’ll discover the approach that will guarantee peaceful nights and quality sleep for all of the family members.

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